Washing your Car with Norwex – a Surprise Gem!

My biggest surprise with my Norwex products is how much I love my Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth.  I only have them because I received them as part of my hostess rewards when I hosted a party in my home in February 2015.  I felt like they were a waste.  I wondered why I would wash my entire car with a mitt on my hand (every inch by hand) rather than hose it down and wash it with the hose attachment brush I have. I joked with my husband that I was giving him a car cleaning kit for Valentines Day.  Actually… he’s never touched them…  

Norwex in your Kitchen

Norwex in your kitchen… I don’t even know where to start!

Cleaning Your Dirty Bathroom with Just Water???!??

How many cleaners do you have in your bathroom?  Before Norwex I would have had window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner, tub&tile cleaner, plus sponges, rags, and papertowels.  And the windows had to be open because of all those awful fumes.  Today, I use water.

Norwex Household Package

Everyone asks me “I’m new to Norwex, where do I start?”  And my answer is always the same, with the Norwex Household Package.  This package of products is basic, it’s only three items, but it will clean everything in your house and then some.  The household package includes the Envirocloth, the Dusting Mitt, and the Window Cloth.

The microfiber envirocloth is amazing and unlike the microfiber you find in department stores.  To be called “microfiber”, the fibres must be no bigger than 1/6th the width of a human hair.  Norwex microfibers are 1/200th the width of a human hair.  What’s my point? 

Cow Parsnip Seen Locally

Recently while walking on a local nature trail we came across some large wild parsnip growing immediately next the trail.  So close that if you were walking side by side, one of you would brush against it.  By looking at the Queen Anne’s Lace type of flower head, we immediately mis-identified it as Giant Hogweed (a very toxic and invasive plant).  But after checking online we determined it was actually cow parsnip (both are part of the same family as carrots and share some of the same characteristics).