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Thank you for visiting the Getting There Green website!  We value everyone that has taken the time to come and see our videos, blog posts and opinions!  We have taken the time to make these videos, posts and opinions in an effort to educate others so they will not make the same errors as we have along the way.  Sure there are things we have learned from others and vice versa, so this is why we share.

Our goal is to live self sufficiently as much as humanly possible.  In our urban environment it is not always as easy as you’d think.  The commercial social scape surrounds us and living a healthy, organic and earth friendly lifestyle is shadowed by our surroundings.  We try.  In the very near future we do want to purchase a large portion of land to live off of.  We would like to do this as much off grid as possible.  Self sustainability is key for us.  Not that we want to be radicals or anything of the sort, just simply the satisfaction of knowing that we are not relying on anyone else to provide for us and our family.  That alone gives us security.  And in all this we plan to do it as simply as possible.  So please, learn with us and let us know if you too have the same or similar desire.  Sharing is the best way for all to gain their goals faster!

Over the past 5 years, we have been making and producing YouTube Videos and have gained quite the following.  Our intentions are not to gain popularity, although it has been a subsequent result from making these videos.  Our intentions are to document our findings so others may learn as well.  We started just as anyone else does… by just doing it!  We were by no means experts, but through time, study and of course a love, we have gained a plethora of knowledge.  We have come across some very inspirational people in our ventures and we are working towards sharing their findings with you on this page as well.



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