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DIY Recycled Newspaper Seed Packets

Saving your own seeds and sharing them with other people is a fun activity for many of us interested in “green living”.  I am a self-diagnosed seed saving addict.  I harvest far more seeds than I could ever possibly use.  I share many of them with others who may or may not attempt to grow them.  The benefits of harvesting and trading seeds are saving on packaging, transportation, processing, etc.  All the “evils of commerce”. I’m joking… sort of… a little…

Often times when I share seeds I put them in tiny little ziplock bags purchased from the dollar store.  The benefits of the ziplocks are that people can SEE what’s in the packets, they are great for presentation, the seeds are very unlikely to spill, and the packets can be resealed over and over and over.  The disadvantages are the processed bags, the likelihood that they came from overseas rather than local manufacturers, the pollution of the environment, the costs (though minute), etc.  In the past year I have favoured making my own little seed envelopes with paper previously bound for the recycle bin (actually… pulled from the recycle bin where they were already making a home).  Here’s my method, I hope these pictures explain the process clearly.  You’ll notice that I show two methods for sealing the envelopes – a folding method and a tape method.