Cleaning Your Dirty Bathroom with Just Water???!??

How many cleaners do you have in your bathroom?  Before Norwex I would have had window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, all purpose cleaner, tub&tile cleaner, plus sponges, rags, and papertowels.  And the windows had to be open because of all those awful fumes.  Today, I use water.

Here’s a great demo of a woman cleaning her whole bathroom with just water!

In my bathroom I keep an envirocloth hanging on the inside of my cupboard door under the sink for just general wiping down of everything.  I keep a window (drying/polishing) cloth and the bathroom scrub mitt hanging on the wall next to my tub (suction cup hooks on the tiles).  The scrub mitt is great for soap scum on tub, tiles, and grout but otherwise the envirocloth is all you need and infact I used just the envirocloth on my tub area until my recent purchase of the mitt (which is much easier. less muscle work).  I use the window (drying/polishing) cloth just to dry off my mirror after wiping with the envirocloth or when the mirror gets foggy from a hot shower.  For cleaning my toilet I actually use the silicone ergonomic toilet brush which does a great job scrubbing aware the buildup in the toilet bowl and is shaped to scrub under the rim.  Then the silicone brush rests suspended in it’s holder so that it doesn’t sit in it’s wet filth like a regular toilet brush.  Here’s the toilet brush I use:

There is also the Sanira Toilet Brush System which has a non-poisonous, non-corrosive vegetable based cleaning solution that bio-degrades within 48 hours.

Did you know you can clean your body and even your makeup covered face with just water? No soap… what?  How can that be? It’s possible with Norwex.  Norwex has these wonderful soft microfibre body cloths that you can use to clean your whole body with, from feet to armpits to face… well I might choose to go in the other order but it’s up to you.  The microfibre grabs all the grease and grime off your face and body the same way the envirocloths do on all the surfaces in your house.  Just rinse it and wring it out before hanging to dry after each use and you can use it over and over between laundering.  I love it on my face.  It really pulls away that extra oil.  People find it is great for clearing up oily skin acne.  It’s been known to help with eczema and cradle-head too.  I’m not a makeup wearer but for those who are, the makeup removal cloths are for you.  They gently clean off your makeup, even waterproof mascara at the end of your day.

After your shower, you can dry off in less time, less mess, with a Norwex towel and a Norwex Hair Turban.  Norwex towels and turbans are absorbent, lightweight, and gentle.  The turban absorbs 70% of water in just minutes.  Hair dries so quickly, there’s hardly a need for a blow dryer any more.   Of course your towels and turbans are quick drying when hung up after each use.  Another bonus people love, the Norwex towels are light and thin so they take up less room on your shelves when folded than regular towels.  And just because they are light and thin does not mean they skimp on softness.

Norwex Bathroom Mitt and Window Cloth

Norwex Bathroom Mitt and Window Cloth

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