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Everyone asks me “I’m new to Norwex, where do I start?”  And my answer is always the same, with the Norwex Household Package.  This package of products is basic, it’s only three items, but it will clean everything in your house and then some.  The household package includes the Envirocloth, the Dusting Mitt, and the Window Cloth.

The microfiber envirocloth is amazing and unlike the microfiber you find in department stores.  To be called “microfiber”, the fibres must be no bigger than 1/6th the width of a human hair.  Norwex microfibers are 1/200th the width of a human hair.  What’s my point?  It takes a lot of that microfiber to make a cloth!  That’s A LOT of surface area for pickup and absorption power.  If you unravelled an envirocloth, the fibre would reach from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

With just wetting and wringing out the cloth so it is damp with water, the envirocloth can clean just about anything: counter tops, floors, windwos, appliances, toilets, sinks, toys, upholstery, dashboards…. And it doesn’t even take a whole lot of muscle power behind it.  The envirocloth grabs 99% of bacteria and holds it in the cloth so that it doesn’t cross contaminate to the next surface.  Just rinse it and wring it out then hang it to dry after each use.  The envirocloth has silver embedded in it.  Silver is naturally anti-microbial and it basically sanitizes your cloth as it hangs drying. That means it is clean the next time you use it and doesn’t smell or grow mildew.  It means you do not have to launder it between each use.  You can use it for days before laundering.  You can clean with it in one room today and another room tomorrow because the microfiber locks in the germs and the silver kills the bacteria.   There, you’ve just cleaned with just water.  No chemicals.  In fact, you should never use your Norwex envirocloth with any cleaning chemicals.  Chemicals will coat the fibres which over time will make the cloth less effective.

The dusting mitt is wonderful.  Dusting has never been so easy and fun.  I truly enjoy dusting my house.  I slip on the mitt and the fluffy microfiber grabs all the dust.  I can wipe flat surfaces or I can grip and rub all over knickknacks. No need for any furniture polishes which leave a residue on everything. Did you know furniture polish residue actually attracts dust?  Once my mitt is full of dust, I like to go outside and shake or whack the mitt against something to knock the dust off then continue dusting.  There is a special rubber brush that can be purchased from Norwex that will pull the dust off the mitt as well if you prefer not to go outside in the middle of your dusting.  I never have the need but other people find that for extra thick dust just lightly dampen the dusting mitt and the thick dust is no match.

The window cloth is for more than just windows.  It is really a polishing or drying cloth.  When you wipe your windows, mirrors, chrome, glass, ceramic tiles or stainless steel with your damp envirocloth, you follow it up with the window cloth to dry and polish.  Did you read that thoroughly?  You just washed your windows with just water!  No window cleaning sprays and no papertowel.  This duo has no problems working through toothpaste spit, dog slobber, or even grease on your shiny surfaces.  Really!  If you don’t believe me than try this: once you have your envirocloth, rub some butter or other grease on a mirror or window then wipe it off with your damp envirocloth, wipe it dry with the window cloth for streakfree shine in seconds.

Take a listen to this consultant talk about Norwex Envirocloth:

How do you launder all this great microfiber?  In your washing machine (yay!!).  It is preferable that you use Norwex Laundry Detergent but any detergent without all kinds of additives will do.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wash the Norwex microfiber products with your fluffy towels!  That great Norwex pickup power will grab all the lint into it’s microfiber fingers and not easily let go.  Which means lint on all your surfaces as you use the cloths.  So do NOT wash with fluffy towels.  Feel free to wash with clothes that are not prone to linting.  One more rule, do NOT wash or dry with fabric softeners or bleach in any form.

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Norwex Dust Mitt

Norwex Dust Mitt

101 Uses for Norwex Envirocloth

101 Uses for Norwex Envirocloth

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