Norwex in your Kitchen

Norwex in your kitchen… I don’t even know where to start!

For a long time I only had the envirocloth for use in the kitchen and it did great.  I used it for counters, appliances (including the awful stove top), cupboard doors (even the greasy ones), floors, and whatever else that needed cleaning.  The envirocloth only uses water to clean, no need for any chemicals (actually please don’t use chemicals with the envirocloth).  I love the envirocloth.  The microfibre technology (the fibre is 1/200th the width of human hair vs 1/6th the width of human hair in standard microfibre cloths from the department store) picks up everything from greasy bacon fat to sticky maple syrup to chicken juices (picks up over 99% of bacteria) and locks it inside the cloth so it doesn’t cross contaminate then it easily rinses under running water.  Wring it out and hang it to dry and the silver gets to work killing any lingering bacteria in the cloth so the cloth doesn’t smell or fester mildew and is ready to use again.

But Norwex has many more kitchen related products.  I use the spirisponge for every day dishwashing.  There is also the spirinett for extra tough caked on grime like stuff burnt on to a roasting pan.  There is a textured kitchen scrub cloth that is similar to an envirocloth but with more abrasion so it’s good for your pots and pans.  There is a dish net cloth for washing dishes that people just love. Nothing dries quicker than the dish net.  There is the all purpose kitchen cloth that is similar to the envirocloth but it is ribbed and specially designed for kitchen related tasks like counters and appliance fronts.  It comes in pretty colors and has all the same great antibacterial capability as the envirocloth.  There’s the dish drying mat which makes life so easy!  It eliminates the need for a drying rack and it doesn’t start to smell the way  lesser brands’ drying mats do.  And you can even hang it up to dry and fold it in half for easy storage.  Use Norwex’s dish soap or dishwasher detergent for an all natural biodegradable concentrated alternative to chemicals. I love the silicone bottle brush with it’s envirocloth type sleeve for cleaning my travel mugs!  I could go on and on about Norwex’s kitchen products.  Did I mention the fruit&veggie wash and scrub cloth?

When I hosted a Norwex party in my home as a customer, the consultant said to me “tonight I’m going to switch you from regular tea towels to Norwex kitchen towels.” And she did.  I bought two and loved them immediately.  They are so absorbent.  Previously I found most kitchen towels just pushed water around, the outside of a glass would still be wet, there just wouldn’t be water dripping off of it.  But the Norwex towels just plain absorbed the water, leaving no wet behind on the glasses.  Wow.  Love them.  You know what else I love about them?  The silver antibacterial technology.  I no longer worry what other people in my house have done with the towel when I wasn’t looking.  Did they actually wash their hands before touching the towel? Did they wipe up anything other than water with it?  I don’t have to worry so much any more.  I know that whatever the towel touched is locked up inside the towel and the silver is killing the bacteria.  What peace of mind.

The other item that really needs to be discussed is the cleaning paste.  You can clean anything with this.  Some grime is hard to clean even with the Norwex cloths, such as coffee stains on your sink, or long built up grime on an old stove top, or permanent marker on a wall…. The cleaning paste along with a cloth or spirinett is what you need.  It also refreshes copper bottom pots.  The container may look small but it lasts a very long time.  A little really does go a long way.  Check out this great video demonstrating the uses of Norwex Cleaning Paste:

Norwex Kitchen

Norwex Kitchen

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