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Growing Sweet Potatoes

I get this question a lot: Can I grow sweet potatoes from this sweet potato that grew sprouts in my kitchen?  My answer is absolutely yes!  This is so easy to do.  If you have a sweet potato with tiny sprouts (or no sprouts!) you just need to partially immerse it in water.  You can put your whole sweet potato in water with the sprouted end sticking out or you can chop off just a third of your sweet potato (eat the other two thirds) and immerse most of that cut piece in water with the sprouts sticking out.  Consider poking toothpicks through the sweet potato to assist in suspending the sweet potato in water.  This is the first year I have used the one third cut tuber method and it’s working really really well.  If the sweet potato hasn’t sprouted yet, generally the narrow end is the “bottom”.  It will start sprouting after it’s in water.  The sprouts will grow into lengthy vines.  If the vine reaches about 8 inches and you aren’t ready to plant in the ground yet, trim the vine back so at least a couple leaves are on the cut off piece and put the cut end into water.  The cut end will form roots and the sprout will keep growing.  The piece attached to the tuber will continue to grow too.  Keep trimming it as it gets longer and put the cut pieces in the water to grow roots.  These cut pieces are called “slips”.  Sweet potatoes like heat and cannot tolerate frost.  Do not plant sweet potatoes until danger of frost has passed but be sure to get them planted as soon as possible once past last frost as sweet potatoes take a long time to grow so they need to be in the ground as early as possible.