Washing your Car with Norwex – a Surprise Gem!

My biggest surprise with my Norwex products is how much I love my Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth.  I only have them because I received them as part of my hostess rewards when I hosted a party in my home in February 2015.  I felt like they were a waste.  I wondered why I would wash my entire car with a mitt on my hand (every inch by hand) rather than hose it down and wash it with the hose attachment brush I have. I joked with my husband that I was giving him a car cleaning kit for Valentines Day.  Actually… he’s never touched them…  I tested out the wash mitt and cloth shortly thereafter when my car was really caked with winter road salt and all that winter dirt from slush, etc.  And the mitt cleaned it right off with minimal effort!  And with only a single bucket of water!  The water got dirtier and dirtier but the mitt just kept on cleaning!  There was no dirty water running off the car like there would have been with the car wash brush I used to use.  I didn’t have to hose down my car afterwards to remove soap residue or dirty water streaks.  The car was just plain clean!  and shiny!  I loved how it was so shiny and new looking in the parking lot at work next to everyone else’s salt covered car.  And it took me less than 30 minutes… it probably takes no more than 10 minutes to do.  The car cloth for drying is not essential but it really is the finishing touch.  I wipe half a door panel with the wrung out damp mitt then I immediately dry it with the car cloth that I keep tossed over my shoulder and I continue on.  I can do about a quarter of the car with the wet mitt before rinsing the mitt and wringing it out again however just out of habit I rinse it more often than that.  Since I don’t have to rinse it often, I can leave the bucket in one spot rather than lug it around the car with me.  And I don’t even use a bucket any more!  I just use a plastic container with approximately 1.5-2 litres of water.  Just plain clean water.  I’m sure cold water would work fine but my preference is to stick my hand into warm water (not hot, no need for hot).  At the end I am not wet from backspray with my hose.  My driveway isn’t drenched.  I haven’t accidentally sprayed a passing neighbour.  I have no worries about the soap chemicals on my lawn and flowers or what I’m pouring down city drains.  It’s just water.  At the end of washing the car, the mitt isn’t as clean looking (though not as dirty as you’d expect) and the water is usually quite a dark brown color, depending on how dirty the car was.  Sometimes the neighbours watch me wash the car and have commented more than once.  One time a neighbour came over and said how she would never believe it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.  The mitt takes off bird poop, road salt, regular dirt buildup, and if you give it a little more effort it will clean off tar and whatever else.  Although I’ve never hated washing the car, now it’s even better.  My husband hasn’t had the need to wash the car because I do it so regularly.  Why not, when it takes so little time, so little water, so few supplies, etc?  I recently sent my car for professional detailing in preparation to sell it and upon return my husband commented that the detailer should use Norwex cloths.  Honestly, I ended up re-washing it myself.

The only negative is that when I wash every inch of the car by hand, I notice every dent, scratch, and paint chip.  But at least the mitt and cloth are gentle enough not to make any of those worse.  Grumble grumble.

I also use the wash mitt to clean other dirty outdoor things like patio furniture.  I like to clean off outdoor tables with Norwex microfibre before serving food on them so I know the outside tables are as clean as the inside.

Well, I tried to video tape myself washing the car for a real life demonstration but apparently forgot to hit record.  So all I have for you is a photo of the cloth and water AFTER the car was cleaned.  And a demonstration video from another Norwex consultant.

car wash mitt and cloth and dirty water

car wash mitt and cloth and dirty water

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